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In this page, you will see broad range of my interets, hobbies and other random stuff :). No matter how busy I am, I always find time to learn and practice new things, appreciate the beauty of nature and always have time to say 'hi' to all my lovely friends. I have to appreciate my advisor Dr.Ramki, for his motivation to students not only in research but also in our personal life too :).

Sports :-

  • Badminton : I like to play badminton, UTK TRECS will reserve courts for Badminton every sunday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm.
  • Ice Skating : I like iceskating, if you are in Knoxville you have to check out these places if you want to learn or to skate, lessons are affordable.
  • Canoeing : This is one of the new one's I am learning now :).

Music :-

  • Music has always been an important part of my life. I always listen to pleasant and instrumental piano , flute or guitar music. I like guitar music and now I am learning to make it, I got my first guitar when I turned 23 ;), its not too late I think :D.
  • I am learning guitar from Travis Strike, an expert in Rock/blues guitar from West Knoxville. I personally like the way he teaches guitar to beginners. If you are interested you can reach Travis at
  • One of the best resource for learning guitar online is Justin-guitar (Credits to Dr.Ramki for informing me about this), he teaches everythig for free and its awesome.

Some Tracks I like :-

I listen to instrumental music when I am doing literature work or studying at night times, I like to listen to very high voltage songs when I am doing experiments and during my late night lab hours, else these songs will put me to sleep.......:D, lol no need to work, I can sleep in lab itself ;).

Books :-

Some books I am presently reading :). My philosophy about reading books: We need to eat food to keep our physical boxy fit and active, similarly we need to read good books to keep our mind filled with healthy thoughts and to enhance our plane of consciousness.

  • March 2015
    • The Key to Real Happiness (Link)
    • -
  • August 2014
    • Your own best psychotherapist by David Mamas (Link)
  • Jan 2010
    • Swami Vivekananda and his works (Link)
    • The Buddha & His Dharma by Dr. Ambedkar (Link)

Cooking :-

I am a Vegetarian and I follow the following sites for my dishes



My other hobbies are walking especially on tennesse river side and biking........

About this website:-

  • I designed this website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.1, the background and some images are done using Adobe Illustrator. Some images are straight away from google images. This website is hosted usig Fatcow. This is the first time I designed a website for my self :) & I learned website designing from


(*Suggestions are welcome to improve website, thanks)

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